Collection Services

Choosing a professional collection agency to manage your delinquent accounts and other related tasks can be a difficult decision. You want an agency that will represent your organization in a responsible manner and provides a satisfactory rate of recovery while maintaining your public image. The decision involves more than just giving your business to the lowest bidder, it requires careful consideration. We provide:
Our highly trained and professional staff has very little turn over, many years of experience and operates in complete compliance with the “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act” and all other state and federal laws.
We strive to provide you with the highest “net-back” possible. Our recovery rates are consistently much higher than the national average.
You will be provided with real people, not automated phone trees, to answer your questions and give you the personalized attention you deserve.
We have been providing professional third-party collection services since 1922 and are locally owned and operated
While we put a large emphasis on collection services in our region, we have the ability to manage accounts all across the United States and in Canada.
You can feel comfortable knowing our company is licensed, bonded, insured and maintains independently verified trust accounts for all client funds.
Our rates are always competitive. We have no up-front fees and the cost for services is calculated on a contingency basis. This means if we don’t recover any money, there is no charge to you the client.
Legal Representation
We maintain a knowledgeable in-house legal department and have attorneys on retainer in both Washington and Idaho.
We have invested in technology to improve our ability to successfully collect on your accounts. Our combination of hardware and software solutions provide features such as: 24 hour remote client access, secure online listing of accounts, 24 hour consumer payment acceptance, custom reports, automated consumer messaging, skip tracing, and much more.
Please contact us to see how we can assist you with your past due accounts.
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